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Sprinkler System Repair in McKinney, TX

Haynes Sprinkler & Drainage offers unbeatable sprinkler, irrigation, and drainage services in McKinney, TX, that will help your property overcome the Texas heat and grow to perfection. Our team has served the McKinney community since 1992, and we’re ready to help you next. Learn more about how we’ve helped your McKinney neighbors achieve their dream lawns by reading our customer reviews.

Sprinkler System Installation

Sprinkler systems are the backbone of every well-kept lawn. They feed the perfect water supply to every square inch of your property, adjusting the water level depending on what plant life they’re hydrating to avoid over or underwatering.

However, the dime-a-dozen cheap sprinklers at home improvement stores aren’t cut out for proper watering. For a sprinkler system in McKinney, TX, that truly makes a difference; you need equipment from Haynes Sprinkler & Drainage.

We customize our state-of-the-art sprinkler systems to fit all lawns and their plant life. Not only that, but our irrigation experts know exactly where to install every part of your new system to give every shrub and grass blade the ideal amount of water.
Our sprinkler systems are strong enough to last through years of regular use with proper care and maintenance.

Sprinkler System Repairs

Sprinkler System Repair in McKinney, TX

Because high-quality sprinkler systems are essential for building a perfect lawn, you will need to use them constantly to keep your property looking its best. Unfortunately, that regular use puts severe wear and tear on sprinklers that can cause them to lose their efficiency or break altogether. However, if that happens, our team will be there to answer the call.

Repairs are the most sought-after of our sprinkler, irrigation, and drainage services in McKinney, TX. Partially because irrigation in McKinney, TX, takes a beating with the regular heat and aridity, but also because our technicians are so good at it. We have decades of experience working with irrigation systems, so we know how to diagnose their issues instantly and repair them within moments.

Our team knows that time is essential when it comes to sprinkler repair. With slow-moving services or appointments scheduled weeks after your system breaks, your plant life will fall victim to the intense McKinney heat. That’s why we’ll arrive within minutes of your call when you call our team and waste no time resolving your irrigation issues.

We pride ourselves on our repair work because we provide permanent solutions over stop-gap fixes. Our technicians have extensive knowledge of irrigation equipment and why it wears down, and we’ll use that knowledge to apply permanent fixes rather than ones that will wear out in a month.

Unbeatable Drainage Solutions

Sprinkler systems aren’t the only things you need to transform your lawn. Adequate property care also requires state-of-the-art drainage solutions planned and installed by industry professionals, and you won’t find better help than you will with our sprinkler, irrigation, and drainage services in McKinney, TX.

Drainage keeps the excess water from your sprinkler system flowing rather than standing still in your yard. Proper drainage is vital not just for keeping your lawn looking its best but also for keeping your plant life healthy and not overhydrated from the standing water.
Our team understands the necessity of drainage and that improper draining can come from several irrigation inefficiencies, so we’ll work tirelessly to uncover every small detail we can improve. With that in mind, we start our drainage improvement process by assessing your property and irrigation. For example, if excessive water pressures from your sprinkler heads are causing the issues, we’ll identify and fix that problem.

After isolating the issue, we’ll scout locations that would make ideal destinations for your water run-off. For example, if you live by a stream or pond, we can design drainage that flows into that body of water.
Finally, we’ll implement our game plan, modifying your sprinkler systems and landscape as necessary to build the best possible drainage system. Like our sprinkler repairs, our McKinney drainage company takes pride in providing drainage solutions that last for years rather than quick, temporary fixes.


Additional Irrigation Services

Installation, repairs, and drainage planning are the staples of our sprinkler, irrigation, and drainage services in McKinney, TX. However, they’re far from the only irrigation services we offer. Our other popular work includes:

Emergency Repairs: As we mentioned earlier, quick action is essential when it comes to fixing your sprinkler system; otherwise, you’ll strand your lawn in the McKinney, TX heat with nothing to hydrate it. That’s why our team emergency service that sends an expert technician to your home without an appointment.
Sprinkler System Inspections: Our repair services will fix your sprinkler system in a flash, but you can avoid the need for constant repairs with annual inspections and maintenance. During a maintenance appointment, our team will scan your irrigation system for wear and tear, replace the weaker parts, and leave you with a sprinkler system that will last through the rigors of the years.
Irrigation and Drainage Updates: The chances are that your property has changed a bit since you installed your irrigation system. Whether you’ve made dramatic shifts like expanding your property or minor tweaks like planting a new tree, layout changes will affect your irrigation and drainage systems’ efficiencies. Our team can update your sprinklers and terrain to provide proper watering for your property’s new needs.

Ready to elevate your lawn? Read through our blog posts for more tips on proper yard care, and contact our team for professional assistance.

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