Those who need McKinney irrigation system repairs for any reason just have to give us a call at Haynes Sprinkler & Drainage. A customer-oriented company that is known for being reliable and trustworthy, we are here for you. We have competitive pricing and experienced crews. We’ve been in business since 1992. You can trust that experience and longevity.

We have also been recognized as one of the best businesses in the area, winning awards for our irrigation system repairs in McKinney TX. This includes being named a Business of the Year by the McKinney Chamber of Commerce in 2012 and being named the Best of McKinney in 2012 and 2013. When you’re searching for a company with a background that gives you confidence and a customer satisfaction guarantee that you can count on, you don’t have to look any further. Just call us now and we’ll get started on the McKinney irrigation system repairs.


The Type of Irrigation System Repairs in McKinney TX, That We Can Handle

Versatility is part of what makes us the proven option for McKinney irrigation system repairs, and we can do:

  • Residential repairs on small lots with single homes
  • Residential repairs on large estates with multiple buildings
  • Commercial repairs for local businesses
  • Commercial repairs for national businesses with warehouses and offices in Texas
  • Emergency irrigation system repairs in McKinney TX, when there is no time to waste
  • Standard repairs that have been planned out to fit perfectly into your schedule
  • Contractual repairs that go along with our frequent inspections
  • One-time McKinney irrigation system repairs with no contract and no further obligation

In addition to all of these irrigation system repairs in McKinney TX, we do installations and system upgrades. We can help you make use of the newest technology on the market or we can install an irrigation system on a new property with nothing in place — and everything in between. When you have 30 years of experience, you know how to do every job with the utmost quality as the goal. That’s what we bring to the table when you call us.

Keep Your Yard Lush and Thriving with High-Quality McKinney Irrigation System Repairs

Keeping your McKinney irrigation system in prime condition is essential to maintain your yard’s curbside appeal. However, irrigation systems are prone to numerous issues that can cause leaks and malfunctions — which lead to a dry, dying lawn and plants. We offer first-class McKinney irrigation system repairs that will have your sprinklers operating efficiently all year long.

Haynes Sprinkler & Drainage is one of McKinney’s leading residential and commercial sprinkler system repair companies. We offer top-notch irradiation system repair, replacement, and maintenance services to help your garden, trees, and lawn grow healthily.

If you’re dealing with an outdated, faulty irrigation system, contact our experts today, for professional irrigation system service.

Unmatched Irrigation System Repair in McKinney, TX

Your irrigation system is crucial to your lawn and landscaping routine. Your sprinklers automatically water your grass throughout the week, but if they break down, insufficient watering can adversely affect your lawn’s health. Attempting to fix your irrigation system yourself often masks the problems and can cause more significant issues that cost more to repair properly later.

Skip the DIY, and call us to repair your sprinklers instead!

At Haynes, we can restore your irrigation system while enhancing its efficiency, lifespan, and more. We utilize best-in-class materials and industry-leading repair methods to make your sprinklers good as new as quickly as possible. Our team has vast experience with all the leading irrigation system makes and models, ensuring you receive quality service regardless of your sprinkler type.

You need sprinkler repair when you notice:

  • Brown patches on your lawn
  • Dead or dying trees or plants
  • Leaks and puddles around your sprinkler heads or pipes

We start with a thorough inspection to uncover the root cause of the malfunction. We then determine the best approach to the issue to ensure optional functionality and long-lasting results. After that, we work swiftly to repair your irrigation system using the best supplies in the industry today.

Once we complete the repairs, we test your system to ensure it meets our high standards before completing the process.

We won’t rest until you are 100% satisfied with our services and will go above and beyond to guarantee your satisfaction.

Our McKinney Irrigation Repair Services

At Haynes Sprinkler & Drainage, we offer numerous irrigation repair services that will have your system up and running again in no time. Below are just some of the McKinney irrigation system repairs we offer.

  • Sprinkler head inspection and repair
  • Water pressure testing and repair
  • Sprinkler system tune-ups
  • Backflow valve repair and replacement
  • Sprinkler pipe repair and fitting
  • Sprinkler timer repair and replacement
  • Irrigation system leak repair
  • Wire repair and replacement
  • Solenoid valve repair and replacement
  • Emergency sprinkler system repair

We offer repair services for residential and commercial properties, regardless of size. Our team uses industry-leading repair materials, ensuring quality repairs that stand the test of time. Our technicians have been repairing, maintaining, and installing irrigation systems across the greater McKinney area for over 30 years, so we’re confident we can handle any repair project you throw our way.

Whether you need to repair broken sprinkler heads or replace your irrigation system’s piping, Haynes Sprinkler & Drainage is here for you. Call us today to schedule service!

Common Irrigation System Problems We Fix

Even the best-built irrigation systems aren’t impervious to breaking down. Irrigation systems are prone to everything from poor water pressure to hardware leaks that significantly hinder their performance. Below are some of the most common sprinkler system problems that we fix for our clients in McKinney, TX.

Malfunctioning Sprinkler Controller

The sprinkler controller is arguably the most important part of your irrigation system. It’s responsible for numerous tasks, including:

  • Powering the system on and off
  • Controlling how much water the sprinklers use
  • Dictating how evenly the system waters your lawn

A broken sprinkler controller can bring your irrigation system’s efficiency to a screeching halt. Since the system can’t operate without a sprinkler controller, maintaining its functionality is a must.

Most sprinkler controllers display warning signs before giving out entirely. They often activate at the wrong times, provide inconsistent irrigation, won’t activate automatically, and don’t water long enough or too long.

If you notice any of these indications, contact us to assess your sprinkler controller and make the necessary repairs.


Water leaks prevent your irrigation system from operating at its highest efficiency level and cause skyrocketing monthly water bills. The sprinkler valves allow flowing water to reach each zone of your yard using a diaphragm seal. If these diaphragm seals break, leaks often develop and obstruct the watering process.

Although broken diaphragm seals are a leading cause of sprinkler system leaks, they can develop for numerous reasons. Internal valve blockages and poor irrigation system installation or design can also create leaks. When you call us, we resolve leaks as soon as possible to prevent uneven watering and exceedingly high water payments.

Buzzing Sprinkler Pump

Pump issues are serious and can render your sprinklers inactive. A buzzing pump often signifies a significant problem with the relay system issue.

Your sprinkler’s relay system is a magnetic switch that powers the system on and off. It’s a crucial part of the system and can’t activate the sprinklers if it malfunctions.

If you notice a slight buzzing sound that resembles static, contact us for McKinney irrigation system repairs.

Sprinkler Heads Won’t Pop Up

Sprinkler heads failing to pop up is one of the most common yet hard-to-identify irrigation system issues we fix here in McKinney, TX. It is near impossible to diagnose without professional training and can happen due to a:

  • Damaged relay
  • Faulty system controller
  • Internal pop-up component issues

Never try to fix sprinkler head pop-up failure yourself to avoid worsening the issue. Since there are so many potential causes, it’s best to leave repairs to our professional irrigation company.

Incorrect Sprinkler Head Height

Although tall sprinkler heads aren’t the most catastrophic irrigation system issue, they can cause uneven watering. Most people want to water their lawns evenly so the grass grows at the same rate. Oversized sprinkler heads will water past specific zones, depriving them of water and killing the grass over time.

Overly tall sprinkler heads also stick out of the ground more and are more susceptible to damage. It’s common to run them accidentally over while mowing your lawn, creating a more severe and costly irrigation system issue.

Conversely, too-short sprinkler heads can overwater specific zones and cause root rot, killing the grass prematurely. We can ensure that you have the correctly sized sprinkler heads to guarantee even and efficient water distribution.

Insufficient Water Pressure

Irrigation systems need precise water pressure to water your lawn evenly. Too much or too little water pressure can lead to inconsistent coverage that negatively impacts your lawn’s health and appearance.

Insufficient water pressure typically stems from the following issues:

  • Clogs and blockages
  • Failing hardware
  • Faulty pipes
  • Backend problems
  • Bad irrigation system design
Skipped Irrigation Zones

Skipped or uneven irrigation zones typically affect pump-fed systems. Suction leaks form within the pump’s lining, preventing water from reaching specific zones. Over time, grass will die in the zones, creating unsightly brown patches that reduce your lawn’s visual appeal.

Irrigation zone issues aren’t confined to pump-fed systems. However, it’s harder to identify the root cause of the problem in traditional irrigation systems. Faulty wiring, a shorted solenoid, or broken valves are the most common causes, but it’s best to give us a call so we can evaluate your system and pinpoint the malfunction’s source.

Why Choose US?

Nothing is more important to our team than our customers’ satisfaction. We strive to provide the best irrigation system repair in the greater McKinney, TX, area at affordable prices. Our technicians work with you to find the best solution to your sprinkler problem without putting unnecessary stress on your finances.

We’ve won several awards throughout McKinney, including:

  • McKinney Chamber of Commerce’s 2012 Business of the Year
  • Best of McKinney 2012 and 2013

Our team never settles for anything less than excellence and works diligently to repair your sprinkler systems swiftly without sacrificing quality. We have experience with the latest irrigation technology and can upgrade your system to ensure optimal performance. Our goal is to repair our customers’ irrigation systems to improve efficiency and longevity while limiting wasted water, ensuring your sprinklers water your lawn without increasing your water bill.

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We’ve been McKinney’s number-one choice for professional sprinkler system repairs, replacement, and maintenance services since 1992, giving us the experience we need to handle even the toughest projects. Whether you need to repair your home’s irrigation system or install a new sprinkler on your commercial property, our team of sprinkler experts is here for you.

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