Plano Drip Irrigation Systems

Have you been hearing or reading about drip irrigation systems and wondered whether one is right for your garden? These systems have a lot of advantages here in North Texas, and Haynes Sprinkler & Drainage is the choice of property owners and managers to install, repair and maintain their Plano drip irrigation systems.


The Advantages of Having a Drip Irrigation System in Plano TX

With drought conditions and water restrictions, it’s important for North Texans to make the best use of the water we use for our lawns and gardens. Our Plano drip irrigation systems are extremely water efficient. These systems direct water to the roots of plants for maximum benefit. This “micro irrigation” has a number of benefits:

  • It uses less water than traditional sprinkler and irrigation systems.
  • Since the water goes directly into the ground, there’s no runoff and wasted water.
  • Since the leaves don’t get as wet, there’s less chance for plant diseases to develop.
  • It’s easy to adapt your Plano drip irrigation system to changes you make to your garden and what you’re growing.
  • Because the plant roots get direct watering, there’s less chance for weeds to benefit from the water and spring up.

No job is too small or too large for out licensed, insured technicians. Whether you need a broken sprinkler head fixed or a rerouting of your drip irrigation systems in Plano TX because you’re installing a pool or have a major landscaping project, we’re here to help. We often work directly with landscapers and pool installers on these projects to help ensure that the lawns and gardens remain properly irrigated during and after the work is completed.


Nearly 30 Years of Service

Haynes Sprinkler & Drainage has been serving the people of Plano and the surrounding area since 1992. We’re committed to providing the best service at fair prices, whether it’s a new Plano drip irrigation system or an emergency repair. We help our customers save water (and money!) through our state-of-the-art programmable controllers as well as regular inspections and maintenance that keep our drip irrigation systems in Plano TX and other systems running efficiently.


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